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Ahoy, Pool Players! After thirty nine days, twelve weeks, and one Troyzan, it’s finally time to say goodbye to this season of Survivor. Remember when Ciera was on this show? Remember JT? Remember the sugar incident? Remember the goats?!? It’s all in the past now! After an eventful two hours Survivor: Game Changers ended with a banger as Sarah won the million dollar prize, besting Brad and Troyzan. Congratulations, Sarah! Your victory was so obvious it could have been seen from outer space, but it’s still refreshing that this season had a deserved winner. As for runners-up Cirie, Aubry and Tai, you each will always have a special place in my Survivor heart. Everyone’s a winner, except for Brad and Troyzan, who most definitely lost. It’s bad news for dudes! Speaking of deserved winners, our own congratulations are in order for… drumroll please..

JULIE is our big champion, coming in first on the final Leaderboards with 18,527 points. Julie had solid positioning all year and a very strong final week, promoting her to first place. Congratulations, Julie!

TYLER takes second place with 18,311 points. The Master of the Going Out order, Tyler was just 216 points behind first. Congratulations, Tyler.

ELHANNA takes third place. After being near the middle and top all season some solid last-week picks helped Elhanna take third place. Congratulations, Elhanna!

The super secret non-monetary prize goes to Dave. What can it be? It’s a mystery!

The “Thanks for Playing” prize goes to Bailey, who ended up in the middle of the pack at 18th place.

The Quick Pick Player of the Year is Peggy, who came in 6th place. Yay, Peggy!

Thanks to everyone for playing! Keeping track of the pool and watching with all of you really makes this silly show special. We couldn’t have the Pool Kingdom without the Pool Players! We hope to see you (and your friends!) next season. Speaking of which, next time on Survivor: It’s a whole new season! There’s a bellhop! It’s Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. It’s too bad they rejected my original idea of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Big Money Rustlas. What kind of hustlers will be involved? Is this like the pool kind or the kind that hang out by the hotel pool late at night, if you know what I mean. What if I know a guy who’s really good at The Hustle? Does that count? Hopefully we’ll get answers to all these questions as well as ones we haven’t even asked yet come September when the new season starts. September! Keep your TV tuned to CBS and we will see you there. See you at the luncheon! Good night!


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